Project background

After creating the Synergy Prep website, we needed to drive traffic to it to grow brand awareness and acquire leads. I decided to do this by writing blog posts that would answer questions that I noticed were commonly asked by students.

The Plan

My plan for creating blog posts was to first investigate some of the questions that were commonly asked by students at Synergy Prep. One of the most popular topics I decided to tackle surrounded the SHSAT. Not many people know about the SHSAT and Specialized High Schools in NYC and since we had so much knowledge on the topic, I thought it would be the best way to engage our audience. Furthermore, we wanted more SHSAT students in our program, and this way we could show our thought leadership regarding the exam. I started by brainstorming some topics for the SHSAT and came up with What is the SHSAT? What are Specialized High Schools?, Study Tips for the SHSAT, and Should I Take the 9th Grade SHSAT Exam?

Prior to writing each of these blog posts I created a list of keywords to be used throughout the posts such as SHSAT and Specialized High Schools.

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