Social Media Marketing


  • Canva
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Excel
  • Asana
  • Hootsuite


  • Design Principles
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Project Management

Project background

Established in 2016, Synergy Prep is a private tutoring center based in New York City. The founders of the company, Fahim Rofique (CEO) and Fatin Nabil (COO), had the idea of starting their own tutoring business in college when the two discovered they had a knack for teaching. Fatin, pursuing his Bachelors in Biology at the time, worked as a part-time teaching assistant for a chemistry class he had taken. Fahim, pursuing his Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering, had been an experienced tutor who was also well-versed in the tutoring business as he had worked as a branch manager, SHSAT tutor, and SAT tutor for a well-known tutoring company years prior.

Together, these two college friends wanted to bring an affordable solution to students from impoverished economic backgrounds such as themselves. Thus, Synergy Prep was born. Their goal with Synergy Prep was to provide the best tutoring possible at the most affordable prices.

My goal in this project was to create a social media strategy for Synergy Prep to keep the brand top of mind for current customers and fans, introduce the company as a thought leader in the industry to potential followers, and to turn those followers into paying customers and generating leads.

Company branding

Synergy Prep had already differentiated itself from the rest of the competition by the mere fact that the founders, Fahim and Nabil, started the company in their early twenties. Hence, Synergy Prep was able to preserve a sense of youthfulness.

Taking this into account, any marketing done for the company would have to uphold this brand of youthfulness, joyfulness, playfulness, etc., while still demonstrating its thought leadership in the industry.


Devise a social media strategy that revolves around creating content for Instagram and posting 3-4 times a week to raise brand awareness, increase engagement with our Instagram profile, drives traffic to our website, and generates leads.

The Plan

To reach the goal of this project, I used the project management tool, Asana, to first brainstorm ideas for four to five different topics we wanted to post about. These topics were:

  • General study Hacks/Tips
  • Highlights
  • New/Infographics
  • Success Stories
  • Quotes

5 - 10 post ideas were generated for each of topics. The posts were then placed into a content calendar, also created in Asana and then uploaded on Hootsuite to be automated:

The tasks above shown in orange are social media posts. The posts consisted mostly of quotes in the beginning as it took time to plan and create content. However, as time went on, posts with more value to our followers were produced.

Project designs

SAT Success Stories


Success Stories was a series of posts on Instagram which highlighted the best performing students who were tutored at Synergy Prep. This series of posts were created to:

  1. Congratulate students on their excellent performance and to motivate other students in our programs
  2. Display that Synergy Prep's tutoring can produce amazing results
  3. Act as informal testimonials to give people a sense of our brand and the experience former students had in our programs
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Success Stories were also posted on Instagram Highlights for the purpose of showing new followers or those interested in our page what Synergy Prep has achieved for former students.


News/Infographics posts were a way for Synergy Prep to show its thought leadership in the industry by giving followers:

  1. Updates on current events in the education sector (e.g. news from NYC Department of Education, information on standardized test dates, application deadlines)
  2. Visual aids to breakdown complex topics in the educational sector (e.g. diversity in Specialized High Schools, the relationship between socioeconomic status and SAT score)


Highlights were a series of posts that were created to get followers acquainted with our staff members. The purpose of these posts were to:

  1. Display staff members' personalities and responsibilities at Synergy Prep
  2. Give followers an idea of the types of people we hire at Synergy Prep
  3. Strengthen the company's brand identity

The Results

By developing this content strategy, creating posts for Instagram, and automating them through Hootsuite, we were able to increase the total engagement on our Instagram page by 41% in six months.

I also kept track of the total engagement each post was getting in an Excel Sheet. The average engagement rate of our posts was 14.1%.

Keeping track of each post's total engagement rate also allowed me to figure out which types of posts performed the best and what day and time was the most optimal to post. The best times and days to post on Instagram to get the most engagement were the following:

We also concluded that the best post types were Study Hacks and Success Stories. These two may have been the most popular because they were more personalized towards our audience and we highlighted students who succeeded through our programs. News/Infographic post types probably did not perform well because they were too long which may have been inappropriate Instagram and could be repurposed for blogs. Miscellaneous posts, which consisted mostly of holiday posts most likely did not perform well because they were not personalized at all and were too generic.



Designed By: Syed Adib
Coded By: Syed Adib

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